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Thanks to Shanaz for her help with our wedding.

Flowers, venue, food and stages were all brilliant.

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Indian Weddings
Shaadi Wedding Services
Here you will find the creativity, attention to detail and friendly service to make your special day truly memorable for your family, your friends and most important, for you, the happy couple.

As Creative Director I will work with you to plan an outline for your day, and then return with ideas and special features to make your dream a reality. Traditional or modern, we are here to make your wedding something really special.

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Shaadi Indian Wedding Stages
Indian Wedding Stages

All our stages are designed in our studio and built in our workshop so no two are ever the same. We offer a wide range of styles and colours.

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Wedding Decorations
Indian Wedding Decorations

At Shaadi Wedding Service we our aim is to have your guests stop at the door, breathe in, then go WOW. When it comes to hall decoration we dress to impress.

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Wedding Flowers
Indian Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers, like every aspect of your Shaadi should be truly memorable.

An artful blend of stunning fresh flowers

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Wedding Catering
Indian Wedding Catering

Traditional, modern or a mixture of the two, our catering service can provide menus to delight both young and old. We also offer special regional dishes.

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Wedding Make Up
Wedding Beauticians

Our Chief Beautician and her makeup artists will use their many years experience to create a truly breathtaking look for your big day.

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Wedding Cakes
Indian Wedding Cakes

Shaadi Wedding Service cakes are designed and created by our own Patissier and are guaranteed to provide one of the high points of your day.

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